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Date Posted: 5/4/17
Housing Type:  Apt. Location:  SLO
Amount:  Deposit:
Available: Term:
Pets: Smoking:
Additional: Im a freshman a University of Oregon looking for a roommate from Cuesta or Cal Poly to share a living space with during the fall and potentially longer. I am coming to Cuesta to do a year of a JC then to transfer to another UC hopefully. Look for friendly roommate who is okay with smoking! Reach out and we can talk!


Contact: McKenna Watson
Email:  mckennasw98@gmail.com

Date Posted: 12/8/16
Housing Type: Apt Location: SLO
Amount: 600 Deposit: 600
Available: 1/7 Term: doesn't matter
Pets: Negotiable Smoking: No

Im a hard working, full time student. Ill have a job, and my boyfriend lives in town, so I probably wont be around much. If i see a mess I have to clean it, and I believe in treating others the way Id want to be treated. I don't drink or smoke, but Im fine if others do. Were getting very desperate so please help! (female roommates) 

Contact: Xena High-Walls
Email: xena.walls97@gmail.com
Phone: 830-560-6349


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