Cuesta College LibraryThe mission of the Cuesta library is to support and enhance the college's instructional programs by developing and maintaining collections of print and electronic resources to meet the information needs of students and faculty, and by teaching students to access, evaluate, and use information effectively and ethically.

-- revised 2012

In addition to its primary mission, the Cuesta Library also strives to serve the academic community by providing access to resources that support and strengthen the college curriculum, by stimulating the intellectual development of students and faculty, by motivating students to acquire reading, research and life-long learning skills, and by assisting faculty in maintaining awareness of current information resources and information literacy skills.

The Cuesta Library also provides continuing education opportunities that will enrich the entire community by making resources and facilities available to community residents, instructing patrons in the effective utilization of information resources, and designing, assisting, and promoting the effective use of instructional technologies for teaching, learning, and research.

The following goals support the Cuesta Library’s mission, goals, and services:

  • To provide organized and accessible collections of print, audiovisual and electronic resources, and to provide access to remote information resources, in support of the college's instructional programs
  • To provide physical facilities and technology equipment supporting teaching and learning
  • To provide qualified professional and support staff to serve users
  • To offer information literacy instruction for students, faculty, staff and community users
  • To provide reference services and to stimulate interest in learning
  • To offer community users access to the resources and facilities of the college libraries in support of the college's mission to provide cultural, social, and community service activities that enrich the lives of local residents.
  • To cooperate with all types of libraries, library networks, and consortia in sharing resources and providing maximum access to information in a cost effective manner.
  • To evaluate library resources and services on a regular and systematic basis and to participate in the college's institutional planning and evaluation process.
  • To develop and assess innovative library services by keeping abreast of advancements and trends in the library and information technology professions.


Collection Development Mission