The comprehensive master plan is the San Luis Obispo County Community College District’s long-term plan. As such, this document compares existing conditions with the district’s mission and, based on that comparison, identifies the district’s current strengths and weaknesses, and projects the district’s future challenges and needs.

Institutional Goals set during the development of the educational master plan articulate how the district intends to address current and anticipated challenges. These Institutional Goals guide the allocation of district energies and resources for the term of the master plan by serving as the basis for the short-term planning processes (strategic plan, Institutional Program Planning and Review, and operational plans). Through this process, both the master plans and the short-term plans are linked to the mission.

The San Luis Obispo County Community College District began the collaborative Comprehensive Master Plan project by hiring consultants to facilitate the development of our educational and facilities master plan. The consultants are working with the Master Plan Ad-hoc Committee to prepare and recommend the SLOCCCD Educational and Facilities Master Plan 2016-2026 for board approval.


SLOCCCD Facilities Master Plan 2016-2026 Draft PDF Feedback PDF

Facilities Master Plan Timeline PDF

Facilities Master Plan Questionnaire (open April 14-May 20, 2016)


SLOCCCD Educational Master Plan 2016-2026 (Final May 4, 2016) PDF

Educational Master Plan Timeline PDF

SLOCCCD Educational Master Plan Drafts

 Chapter Review Process PDF