CSU Transfer Guarantee (ADT)

An ADT (Associate Degree for Transfer) GUARANTEES Cuesta students, who earn an AS-T or AA-T, admission into a CSU (California State University) bachelor degree program under a "similar" major. The guarantee itself means that students who earn ADT degree and meet the CSU minimum eligibility requirements are guaranteed admission to a CSU, but not necessarily to a particular campus or major. For more information, visit A Degree with a Guarantee.

  • Cuesta-SLO currently offers 26 CSU-approved "Transfer Degrees."
  • Cuesta-NCC currently offers 6 of the 25 fully obtainable transfer degrees on the Paso Robles Campus.


List of ADT majors offered at Cuesta

AS-T Administration of Justice
AS-T Agriculture Business
AA-T Anthropology
AA-T Art History
AS-T Biology
AS-T Business Administration
AA-T Communication Studies
AS-T Early Childhood Education
AA-T Economics
AA-T English
AS-T Geology
AA-T History
AA-T Journalism
AA-T Kinesiology
AS-T Mathematics
AA-T Music
AS-T Nutrition and Dietetics
AA-T Philosophy
AS-T Physics
AS-T Plant Science
AA-T Political Science
AA-T Psychology
AA-T Sociology
AA-T Spanish
AA-T Studio Arts
AA-T Theatre Arts

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