Dual Enrollment applies to students in Grades 9-12 concurrently enrolling at Cuesta College while in high school.  As of Fall 2015, Cuesta College offers two Dual Enrollment programs for high school students:  Enrichment Program and CCAP Program.  Dual Enrollment students may participate in both the Enrichment and CCAP Programs in a term.

Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program is available to any high school student, who in the opinion of their school principal, would benefit from "advanced scholastic" or "vocational" college coursework offered at any Cuesta campus published in the online Class Finder schedule, which are open to the public and adult learners.  Qualified students on their own accord, apply and register under the Enrichment Program.   (Brochure)

Challenge by Pupils in Grades 6-8
Students in grades 6-8 who are certified as "highly gifted" by their school district may request to attend Cuesta College concurrently.   "Highly gifted pupil" means a gifted and talented pupil who has achieved a measured intelligence quotient of 150 or more points on an assessment of intelligence administered by qualified personnel.  Contact Kristin Pimentel, Director of Admissions & Records at kpimente@cuesta.edu for more information.

College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) Program - Restricted

Cuesta has partnered with school districts in San Luis Obispo County, under formal agreements, to schedule Cuesta courses on high school campuses during the regular school day. Established by Assembly Bill 288, Section 76004 of the Education Code, CCAP Track courses have additional enrollment and reporting requirements.  Classes are closed to the public and only available to students who attend the high school.  The admission and registration process for CCAP courses is administered by Cuesta staff in coordination with the high school school district.


Requirements for both Enrichment and CCAP Programs:
Restrictions for both Enrichment and CCAP Programs:
  • Enrollment in Kinesiology (physical education) Activity courses is not allowed.
  • Maximum credits up to 11.999 for spring/fall terms and 9.0 credits for summer.
  • Not eligible for early priority to register.
  • Designated courses are restricted by age as of the start of the term.
    • Student may seek approval via a Petition for Enrollment of Age-Restricted Courses.
  • Not eligible for financial aid.
Enrichment Program
CCAP Agreement Program

For more information, contact a Registration Center.

  • Student applies online each term at high school
    with assistance by Cuesta staff.
  • Approved CCAP Agreement Petition submitted by
    school district
  • CCAP courses not offered summer session.
  • All registration fees are waived
  • Course(s) closed to public and scheduled on
    high school campus during regular school days.
  • Registration processed by Cuesta staff
  • Course drop deadlines vary by high school -
    student refers to instructor of course for
    drop deadlines
  • Course meetings and holidays follow the high
    school district's calendar
  • Textbook(s) and course supplies provided by
    high school.






For more information contact Sabrina Robertson,
CTE Grants and Dual Enrollment.


myCuesta Pathway Advisory:  Dual Enrollment student are assigned a unique program/major designation of HS_ENRICHMNT that may not be changed while a Dual Enrollment student.  Use the "What if" feature.