Need Help Finding a Job?

Career Connections has job listings you can access through our web-based job listing system Cuesta Jobs Link.

You are welcome to use the computers in Career Connections (room 5310) or the Estrella Career Center (Bldg 4000, North County) for job search related activities. Career Connections also maintains job listings for private households as well as a bulletin board with additional Job Search resources.


 Get Credit for Working!

Career Connections is the headquarters for Work Experience (WEXP). Earn up to 3.5 units each semester. Contact the Work Experience Coordinator at 805 546-3252 for more information or visit the website.


Professional Man and women discussing business in front of a computer.     Internship Program

If you are ready for on-the-job training, the Internship Program is for you. An internship provides on-the-job training in a skilled or professional level work environment related to a student's area of study.

As an intern, you:

  • Enroll in a WEXP course or Internship Course and earn academic credit for paid or volunteer positions
  • Learn about your chosen career
  • Acquire hands-on job experience in a carefully-structured and individualized program
  • Experience current practices in your chosen filed
  • Obtain professional guidance in interviewing techniques, job search, and resume development

Assistance in obtaining an internship:

  • Make an appointment with your Career Connections staff to start the referral process
  • For your appointment, bring copies of your resume and unofficial transcripts  

Unsure About Your Future Career Plans?

Link to Over 500 Career VideosLink to over 500 Career Videos!

The Transfer/Career Counseling Center , in Room 3134, can help you learn about different career options. Call 805 546-3162 for more information Building 3100, Room 3134. California Career Cafe is also a great online career resource developed specifically for California Community College students - though anyone is welcome to use it.


Need a placement?

Federal Work-Study
If you are interested in a Federal Work-Study position and have been awarded a work study grant through the Financial Aid office, you can utilize our online job database, Cuesta Jobs Link. On-campus and off-campus placements are available. For off campus placements, you must obtain a referral form from the Financial Aid office. Career Connections can help you with an off-campus placement. Call 805 546-3252 for more information.

Work Study Placement for CalWORKs
If you need a work-study placement to meet your WTW requirement please see the CalWORKs link for more information. To schedule an appointment with a CalWORKs Coordinator, call 805-546-3144 or drop by Room 3134.