Planning CalendarAdmissions & Records Organizational Chart
  Kristin Pimentel
(805) 546-3975 fax

The Admissions and Records Office in the Student Services Division is responsible for determining student eligibility for admission, graduation, and organizing Commencement. Our office processes admission applications, including International Student and Nursing/Allied Health program admissions, and official transcripts. We are responsible for determining residency status, athletic eligibility, and Veterans benefits. Additionally, we administer registration services, maintain academic records, prepare transcripts and diplomas, and review petitions for exception to District policy.

Admissions   phone: (805) 546-3140
  fax: (805) 546-3975

  SLO phone: (805) 546-3955
  fax: (805) 546-3975

  NCC phone: (805) 591-6225
  fax: (805) 591-6370

  SCC phone: (805) 474-3913
  fax: (805) 474-3915



  phone: (805) 546-3142
  fax: (805) 546-3185

  Appointment required for certification.


 phone: (805) 546-3141
 fax: (805) 546-3975

  Contact for an appointment
  on SLO campus.


  phone: (805) 546-3139
  fax: (805) 546-3975

Mailing address: PO Box 8106, San Luis Obispo CA 93403-8106
Shipping/FedEx address: Building 7400, Highway 1, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

Location and Hours:  Services are available at Registration Centers on the San Luis Obispo Campus, North County Campus and South County campus.  Processing of most services
(i.e. residency, degree/certificate/GE certification, transcript production) is administered by staff at the main San Luis Obispo campus.

Student Learning Outcomes for Admissions & Records
As a result of completing the Third Enrollment Agreement repeat petition, students will fully understand the new course repetition and grade alleviation regulation and be successful in passing their course.  70% of the students will understand the regulation and pass the course with standard academic work.