Important!  Transferring institutions may not accept all courses
with Pass/No Pass grading option.
See a counselor or contact the college directly to clarify.

Courses identified as "GP" under grading option in the Cuesta College Catalog, Class Finder, or course outline may be taken for pass/no pass (P/NP) grading. Students are responsible for all assignments and examinations required for the course. The standards of evaluation are identical for all students in the course. A student electing to be evaluated on the "pass/no pass" basis will receive both course credit and unit credit upon satisfactory completion of the course.

  • In computing a student's grade point average (GPA), grades of P/NP are omitted. However, units attempted for which the symbol "NP" is recorded shall be considered in probation and dismissal procedures.

    • A pass grade is granted for performance that is equivalent to the letter grade of "C" (2.0) or better.

    • A student, who fails to perform satisfactorily, less than a "C" (2.0), will be assigned a "no pass" (NP) grade.

  • Students may enroll in only one course per semester on a P/NP option. The student may, however, repeat the course for a letter grade to alleviate a substandard grade.

  • No more than 12 units of P/NP may be applied to the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree.

  • Students, who have selected the P/NP grading option, may change back to a letter grade

    • prior to the fourth week of a full-term course; or

    • 20% deadline for a short course, which is equivalent to the drop without a W deadline. 

After the fourth week of a full-term course or 20% deadline, students may not reverse their P/NP grading option.

How do I change a class to Pass/No Pass grading?

    1. Check that you are within the deadline (end of the fourth week of a full-term class or equivalent to the Drop Without a W deadline for a short course).  P/NP deadline is posted in the Class Finder by clicking on the CRN after search results.
    2. Complete the Petition for Pass/No Pass Grading.
    3. Submit the form to a Registration Center within the deadline. Photo ID required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does taking a class for Pass/No Pass work?
By changing the grading option from a letter grade to P/NP, you are requesting to receive a "P" for passing for earning the equivalent of a "C" or higher grade in the class.  Therefore if you earn the equivalent of an A, B, or C grade, you will earn a "P" for pass which will appear on your official transcripts. Alternatively, if you earn the equivalent of a D or F, you will receive a "NP" for no pass on your official transcripts.  Neither a P or NP will affect your GPA.  However, a NP will be considered in your academic standing and may place you on progress probation or dismissal.

Effective Fall 2014, if you are placed on probation or dismissal, you will lose your priority to register under new enrollment priority policies.

If you plan to transfer, consult with a counselor or with the transferring institution as P/NP grading may not be accepted for degree or prerequisite requirements.

How do I know if a course can be taken Pass/No Pass?
Courses identified as "GP" may be taken as Pass/No Pass grading by petition from the student within the 20% deadline. Grading options are posted for all courses in the Cuesta College Catalog and the online Class Finder using the following codes:

GP = Optionally graded. The student may earn a letter grade (default) or opt for P/NP grading. Student must petition to change to P/NP grading.

GR = Letter grade only. (P/NP grading option not available.)

NC = Non-credit course. No grade or unit assigned.

PS = Class graded as P/NP only. Student may not earn a letter grade.

Can I change to a letter grade if I earn higher than a C at the end of the class? 
No.  You can only change back to a letter grade within the deadline, which is within the beginning four weeks of a semester or by the Drop Without W deadline for a short course.
Once the deadline passes, it is irreversible.