Cuesta College's Enrichment Program is available to high school students in grades 9 - 12,  who in the opinion of their school principal, would benefit from concurrent enrollment in “advanced scholastic” or “vocational” college coursework.

Students must complete both the high school approval process and Cuesta’s Enrichment admission process to qualify to register in degree applicable courses at Cuesta.  Enrichment students must submit a Cuesta College admission application and Permit to Enroll authorization form for each term they wish to attend.

  • Credit Limit:  Enrichment students are limited to a maximum of 11.999 credits in fall/spring terms and 9.0 credits in summer session.

  • Course Limit: Enrichment students may not enroll in Kinesiology Activity (formerly Physical Education) courses. Age restrictions have been imposed on specified courses

  • Course Co/Prerequisites: All course corequisite and prerequisite requirements must be met for specified Math, English, and science courses prior to registering.

  • Fees:  The enrollment fee and Student Representation Fee is waived for Enrichment students. All other registration fees will be assessed and must be paid by Enrichment students which include *non-resident tuition, Health Services fee, Student Center fee, course material fees, parking permit, and ASCC Student ID Card fees, if applicable.

    *Non-resident students, who are currently attending a California high school, may apply for a Enrichment Non-Resident Tuition Exemption. This exemption does not apply to F1/M1 Student Visas. 

  • Priority to Register:  Enrichment students do not qualify for priority to register as a new or returning college student and are considered specially-admitted each term they must apply to concurrently attend while in high school.

  • Grades:  Grades are not mailed to Cuesta students but are available online in myCuesta the week prior to the following term.  Enrichment students must order official transcripts at the end of the term they are enrolled to have Cuesta College credits submitted to their high school.

Challenge by Pupils in Grades 6-8

Students in grades 6-8 who are certified as "highly gifted" by their school district may request to attend Cuesta College concurrently through a Grade 6-8 Enrichment Challenge Form.   "Highly gifted pupil" means a gifted and talented pupil who has achieved a measured intelligence quotient of 150 or more points on an assessment of intelligence administered by qualified personnel.  Contact Kristin Pimentel, Director of Admissions & Records at for more information. 

Enrichment Brochure (tri-fold)

Updating Status to First Time College Student

Enrichment students will need to submit an admission application as a First Time College student to update their status once the student graduates from high school and wishes to continue enrollment at Cuesta College.  As an incoming First Time College freshman, the student will select their program/major of study and educational goal on their admission application.