bldgDo I need to take the assessment tests?
If you are a new student and plan to earn an Associate Degree, transfer to a four-year college, or take courses which have English/ESL or math prerequisites, you must take the relevant assessment tests. One of the components of priority registration also requires completion of assessment placement services. For additional information, see alternatives to testing.

Are there alternatives to taking the Cuesta College assessment tests?
Yes. You are not required to take the assessment tests if you have taken certain math or English courses at another college. Assessment test results are also accepted from other California Community Colleges (math results must be within 18 months). For additional information, see alternatives to testing. If you are out-of-area and are unable to test at another California Community College, please contact for assistance.

Can I take English or math courses without taking an assessment test?
You can take math and English courses without prerequisites. The classes you are eligible to take without assessment testing offer non-transferable units and do not meet the requirements to graduate from college. English: ACSK 030A, 032, 036, 050, 055 and CSS 036 and 058. Math: ACSK 075, Math 003. Please note that not completing the assessment placement process may affect your priority registration.

Do I need to make an appointment? 
The English, ESL, and Math assessment tests are done on a walk-in basis. Click here for the testing calendar. Requests for proctoring services require an appointment.

How can I prepare for the Math and English assessments?

What do I need to bring with me to the test?

  • Photo ID
  • Cuesta ID number
  • A daily parking permit ($2) is required at the San Luis Obispo and North County Campuses during the Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions.
  • Payment if applicable (Math, English, and ESL assessments do not have any fees.)

When will I receive my assessment test scores?
Results will be sent to your Cuesta E-mail account with 2 days. Login to myCuesta. Click on your “Student” tab, and then on "Student Email is Available Here.”

ESL scores will be provided on the day of testing.

How can I appeal my test results?
English: Students wishing to appeal their English placement results may do so by completing an appeal and writing sample: English Appeal form
ESL: Students wishing to appeal their placement results may do so by completing an appeal and writing sample: ESL Appeal form
Math: Students wishing to appeal their Math placement results may do so by completing Prerequisite Challenge Form B and by meeting with the Mathematics Division Chair.

Can I take the assessment tests more than once? 
The Math Assessment test can be taken twice per calendar year.
The English as a Second Language test can be taken twice per calendar year.
The English Placement test can be taken once per semester.

What if I need special accommodation?
Please click on Disabled Students Programs & Services for special accommodation information.

Where are the testing centers located? 
Testing center locations.
Assessment Services Office location.

I Took my Placement Tests, What Now? (PDF)