Mineko Grimmer

Born and raised in Japan, received a traditional western art education at Iwate University in Japan. It wasn't until she immigrated to the United States, and studied at Otis Art Institute, that her work began to show strong contemporary influences. Best known for her installations that rely on natural elements to create resonating sounds, Grimmer creates serene and meditative environments. Composer John Cage wrote an accompaniment to one of her sound sculptures. Her installations provide multiple levels of engagement for audiences of all ages.


Jorge Arreola Barraza

Barraza's work fits within the context of activist and border art in contemporary Mexico and within the long tradition of politcal art in Latin America.  His photographs capture the collateral damage of the cartel violence plaguing the country in the last decade.  Also a performance artist, Barraza creates conceptual 'spaces of peace' and 'spaces of love' intended to make community members feel safe.


Sara Frantz

Frantz's works include gouache and graphite landscapes that further her engagement with the
alleged polarities of banality and beauty. "Some are inspired by our local landscape, and others by
my time in Texas, Southeast Asia, and other recent travels," said Frantz.  The formal strategies Frantz employs - traditional figure/ground relationships combined with rigid theatrical framing of otherwise unremarkable structures - quietly question conventional notions of beauty in landscape painting.