Candelario "Cande" Munoz, Director of Counseling and Student Support and Success Programs



Ali Roselli, Financial Aid Counselor
Andrea Devitt, Generalist Counselor
Blake Reed, Athletics Counselor & Transfer and Career Center Coordinator
Carol Hurd, DSPS Counselor (Disabled Students Programs and Services)
Cindy Stever, North County Campus Generalist Counselor
Dana Gough, Generalist & DSPS Counselor (Disabled Students Programs and Services)
Danny Lynch, CaFE Counselor (CalWorks, Foster Youth, EOPS and Care)
Glenda Moscoso, Generalist Counselor
Heidi Webber, Generalist Counselor
Janet Florez, CaFE Counselor (CalWorks, Foster Youth, EOPS and Care)
Kate Porter, Generalist Counselor
Katherine Gritton (Blum), Generalist Counselor
Lainey Campos, CaFE Counselor (CalWorks, Foster Youth, EOPS and Care) 
Lisa Wearda, North County Campus Generalist, Psychiatric Technician Program, & International Student Counselor 
Lyzette Martin, Generalist & Student Athlete Counselor 
Matthew Lorenzen, North County Campus Generalist Counselor
Nolberto "Berto" Marroquin, CaFE Counselor (CalWorks, Foster Youth, EOPS and Care)
Randy Gonzalez, Non-Credit Program Counselor

Regina "Gina" Vriend, Generalist & Nursing and Allied Health Counselor
Susan Gossard, Generalist Counselor
Teri Sherman, Generalist Counselor
Thea Labrenz, Generalist Counselor & Articulation Officer
Tonya Hardiman, Generalist Counselor & Mental Health Counselor



Department Assistants

Elaine GenasciClerical Assistant
Micaela Hernandez, Clerical Assistant
Rachel Russ, Interim Department Assistant

Counseling Services Specialists

Bonnie Gordon, Enrollment Success Specialist
Danna Tejada-Baquero, Enrollment Success Specialist
Estella Vazquez, Enrollment Success Specialist
Lainey Campos, University Transfer Center and Career Services Specialist
Lana Nelson, Enrollment Success Specialist