The Associated Students of Cuesta College Emergency Book Loan allows students to borrow up to $300 for purchasing books and supplies at the campus bookstore.


How To Apply

Book Loans are only available in the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters. No book loans are available in Summer semester. To apply, visit the Financial Aid Office in the week preceding the beginning of the semester and complete an Emergency Book Loan Application. Once approved, the loan application will be honored at the Cuesta College Bookstore for the first three weeks of the semester only.  The loan must be repaid in full by the due date stated on the application itself.



Students qualify for the Emergency Book Loan if they:

  • Have a verifiable emergency that makes this loan necessary

  • Have not taken an emergency book loan in the past two semesters

  • Have paid for the current semester ASCC ID Card

  • Have registered in six or more units

  • Have already submitted a complete application for financial aid

  • Have agreed to repay the loan on or before the due date

  • Have never been late repaying a previous book loan.

  • Have a co-signer (if the students do not have any income beyond financial aid)


Priority is given to students who will not have a grant or loans available on the first check disbursement of the semester.

Book Loan Recipients are responsible for payment of their loans even if financial aid is not awarded before the due date.



  • Must have a permanent address different than the student’s address

  • Must have a stable source of income from employment, business ownership, or retirement



Students will not qualify for a book loan if they have:

  • Defaulted on a previous book loan

  • Received a book loan in the last two semesters



There are no extensions. You may make partial payments against your balance until the due date at the Cuesta College Cashier’s Office. If mailing, payment must be sent to the San Luis Obispo Campus only.