Repeating Courses

Beginning July 1, 2011, federal regulation limits the number of times a student may repeat a course and receive financial aid for that course. Students may only receive federal financial aid for one repetition of a previously passed course.


There is an exception for courses which require repeats. Students taking a required repeat course should work with the Financial Aid Office to ensure those credits are counted appropriately for financial aid eligibility. Students may need to provide documentation regarding the requirement to repeat.

If a student gets an 'F' in a course, that student is allowed to repeat the course and receive financial aid (assuming he/she is meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress and is meeting all of the eligibility requirements) until he/she receives a 'D' or better.

Once the student has received a 'D' grade or better, he/she can repeat the course a second time and still receive federal aid. The third time the student repeats a course in which he/she has earned a 'D' or better, the Financial Aid Office cannot provide federal funding for that repeated course.






Eligibility Status

  Spring  2013


English 099


 Failed  (F)


Eligible for Financial Aid


Summer 2013


English 099


Passed (D)


Eligible for Financial Aid (because course not previously passed)


    Fall      2013


English 099


Passed (D)


Eligible for Financial Aid (because this was the 1st repeat of a previously passed course)


 Spring   2014

English 099


Not eligible for Financial Aid