Students must be within two terms of completing requirements before submitting a degree and/or certificate application.  Official transcripts for transfer credit and AP scores must be submitted to Cuesta College prior to meeting with a counselor and for final GE, certificate, and degree evaluation.

1. Schedule a Counseling appointment for verification of completion of requirements.
2. Complete application:

Associate Degree Application
Certificate Application

3. Submit completed application:

⇒ In-person to a Registration Center
⇒ By fax to (805) 546-3975
⇒ Email attachment to

4. Update mailing address in myCuesta for diploma/certificate mailing.
5. Clear debts, holds, or obligations.
6. Degree applicants:
    Check myCuesta student email for announcements for Commencement ceremony.

Diplomas, certificates, and transcripts will be withheld if the student has a financial obligation or hold with Cuesta College. See policy.


Catalog Rights
Credit for Alternative Education
Degree Requirements

Diploma or Certificate Mailing
GE (General Education) Certification

Replacement Cost for Diploma or Certificate
Residency Requirements for Associate Degree
Timeline for Evaluation - Processing Cycle

Cuesta College does not accept the following:

  • Continuing Education Units (CEU): Though earned at colleges and universities, continuing education courses are designed for personal enrichment or job advancement and may not be used.
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP): A passing score earned on the American Government CLEP exam is accepted by Cuesta College for credit toward Cuesta’s POLS 202, Government and Politics of the United States. Due to lab or performance requirements, Cuesta College does not accept credit for any other tests offered by the College Level Exam Program.
  • Non-Degree Applicable Credits: Non-degree applicable college courses are not used. Degree applicability is determined according to the catalog for the term in which course was taken.
  • Credits from Non-Accredited Institutions: Cuesta College only accepts course work from regionally accredited institutions.
  • Upper Division Course Work: Course credit from colleges and universities at the upper division level is not used (certain exceptions apply).
  • Religious Dogma Coursework: Courses taken at a regionally accredited school with a religious affiliation cannot be used if the courses espouse the beliefs of that institution. Courses will be carefully reviewed.

Quick Tools:

  • myCuesta Pathway is a web-based, degree-auditing and tracking tool which enables students to evaluate academic progress towards graduation and major program requirements. This tool uses Cuesta coursework only and does not use outside coursework.  
  • ASSIST is an online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another.

  • official source for college and career planning in California

  • CSU Mentor: how to plan for and apply to the California State University

  • UC Pathways: find everything you need to prepare to apply to the University of California

  • Unit Converter: use to convert quarter credits to semester credits, multiply .6667 x quarter credits
    (Example: .6667 x 12.0 quarter credits = 8.0 semester credits.

  • GPA Calculator: use to determine your GPA (Grade Point Average), divide your degree applicable grade points by your degree applicable credits attempted. GPA is carried out to three decimal places, then rounded to two decimal places.
    (Example: 24.0 grade points / 7.0 credits attempted = 3.428, rounded to 3.43 GPA.)