Cuesta College courses are graded using the grading symbols established by Title V based on a 4.0 grade point scale. Plus/minus grading was implemented in Fall 2008.

Grades, which carry a point value, are used in determining the grade point average (GPA) as follows:

Symbol Definition

Grade Point
(4 Point Scale)

A Excellent 4.0 grade points
A-   3.7 grade points
B+   3.3 grade points
B Good 3.0 grade points
B-   2.7 grade points
C+   2.3 grade points
C Satisfactory 2.0 grade points
D+   1.3 grade points
D Less than Satisfactory 1.0 grade point
D-   0.7 grade point
F Failing 0.0 grade point
The following grades/symbols are not part of the GPA calculation:
P Passing (at least satisfactory C/2.0). Prior to Fall 2008, this was a "CR" symbol for credit.
NP No Pass (less than satisfactory C/2.0). Prior to Fall 2008, this was a "NC" symbol for no credit.
I Incomplete - Incomplete academic work for an unforeseeable emergency and justifiable reasons. Conditions for removal of the "I" shall be stated by the instructor in a written record with a copy to the student. The "I" must be made up before the end of the following regular semester or it will be considered an "F" grade or "NP" if grading option selected.
IP In Progress - The "IP" symbol shall be used to denote that the class extends beyond the normal end of an academic term.
RD Report Delayed - This symbol is assigned by the Director of Admissions & Records only as a temporary notation. It is used when there is a delay in reporting grades by the instructor.
W Withdrawal - The "W" symbol is assigned when a student officially withdraws between the beginning of the third and end of the twelfth week of instruction for full-semester courses. For courses less than 18-weeks in length, withdrawal must be made during the first 60 percent of the course. Students who withdraw prior to the second week of instruction for full-semester courses or within 20 percent of  a short course, shall have no notation ("W" or any other) on their record. The academic record of a student who remains in a class beyond the twelfth week or 60 percent of a short term course must reflect a symbol other than "W."
MW Military Withdrawal - The "MW" symbol is assigned when a student who is a member of an active or reserve United States military service receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses. Upon verification of such orders, an "MW" may be assigned at any time after the twelfth week for dropping classes. Military withdrawals shall not be counted in progress probation and dismissal calculations.

Other notations on a Cuesta College transcript:

CE = Credit by Exam
IS = Independent Study Course
TP = Technical Preparation (Tech Prep) credit awarded prior to Fall 2000

Course Grades

Grades are available for viewing in myCuesta, four weeks after the last day of the term. Grades are not sent to students and may be viewed in myCuesta under the "View Grades" or "View Unofficial Transcripts" link on the Student tab and Steps to Success channel. 

Grade Changes

After a grade is issued, only the instructor has the authority to change the grade per California Education Code Section 76224. A student wishing to have a posted grade changed must submit appropriate documentation to the instructor who issued the grade and must request the grade to be changed. Based on an evaluation of the student's progress in the course and the documentation, the instructor may or may not change the grade. Grade changes must be delivered to the Office of the Director of Admissions and Records by the instructor.

There is a deadline of six months from the date that the grade is posted to initiate a grade change.