Subject directories are databases that group web sites by subject, so that you can start your research in your topic area. They differ from search engines in that they are produced by people, not by software programs.

This means that you will get fewer results, but often more useful ones.

Academic Subject Directories

These differ from commercial directories like Yahoo or Google: they are constructed by librarians and other scholars. They evaluate the sites and choose the ones with quality information, which makes doing research easier.

INFOMINE is a virtual library of Internet resources for faculty, students, and research staff at the university level. It contains useful Internet resources such as databases, electronic journals, electronic books, and many other types of information. INFOMINE is librarian built.

BUBL LINK is the name of a catalogue of selected Internet resources covering all academic subject areas and catalogued according to DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification). All items are selected, evaluated, and described. Links are checked and fixed each month.This site is from Britain.

Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment founded at the University of Michigan School of Information and hosted by Drexel University's College of Information Science & Technology.

Commercial Subject Directories

Yahoo Directory

Yahoo was one of the first engines with a subject directory.

Search Engines

Go to any good search engine (Google, Ask, Yahoo). Put in the subject you are looking for with the word 'directory' after it . For example, to find various Astronomy sites, put in the search terms 'Astronomy directories' to get a list of big sites on the subject.