Central Coast Writers' Conference


Saturday Session IV Workshops 3:00 - 4:15pm

Getting Started: I've got this great idea...now what?

The story of your grandmother's watch; a war story never told; a gift that changed your life. When life touches your soul, you want to write about it, but how? Is it a novel, memoir, poem, short story, essay, feature film or a documentary? Let's explore your idea – let the acorn grow before you begin to write!

INSTRUCTOR: Victoria Zackheim

ROOM: 6307

# WCRC41.314

Young Adult: YA: Writing Realistic and Contemporary YA Fiction

Get ready for Young Adult fiction to trend realistic and contemporary, but what elements make a story YA? We'll explore the differences between "realistic" and "contemporary" in YA fiction, how adults can write authentic teenagers and if there is YA content considered "off limits?" The answers are pending.

INSTRUCTOR: Robyn Schneider

ROOM: 6302

# WCRC42.314

Poetry: Mixed Media: Adding Another Dimension to Your Poetry

Mix poetry with other media, including music, film, visual art and objects. For example, text art adds a fresh perspective to one's writing. Many poetry/music hybrids fall back on the tropes and cliches of beatnik jazz performance. We'll explore new ways of setting poetry to music, including through-composed free verse, structured non-blues, free-form soundscape and so much more.

INSTRUCTOR: Brian Felsen

ROOM: 6305

# WCRC43.314

Craft: Don't Tell - Write a Scene

Learn to create great scenes, the building blocks of great books. A scene has a beginning, middle, and end, purpose, the right characters, and a solid setting. We'll explore if a scene is critical to the plot; creating tension for emotional impact; where to starts and end the scene and revision until it works.


ROOM: 5401

# WCRC44.314

Fiction: Recognizing the Hero & Antihero; the Heroine & Antiheroine

Heroes, yes, but Spenser, Warshawski and Rawlins have also been placed into situations by their creators where they've had to do questionable things to achieve the greater good. We'll compare and contrast the traits of our literary heroes and antiheros to construct attributes we plan to imbue to our characters. Your examples are encouraged.

INSTRUCTOR: Gary Phillips

ROOM: 6301

# WCRC45.314

Nonfiction: Writing Your Life Story

As readers we want to know the true stories of other lives, and as writers we want to explore our own lives on paper. This workshop will inspire you to write your story and get you started in specific and practical ways, whether you're writing one part of your life into a memoir, or your entire life into an autobiography.

INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Abercrombie

ROOM: 6304

# WCRC46.314

Publishing: Thinking Outside the Covers: It's more than a book, it's a story!

Your book is ready to meet its publisher. But what should you consider before signing a contract? Should you self-publish, accept a traditional publisher, or become a hybrid of both? What about keeping established subsidiary rights such as foreign, movies, and audio—or exploring interesting new opportunities like apps, games, web series, comics...? Let Agent Laurie McLean be your guide.


ROOM: 6303

# WCRC47.314