Central Coast Writers' Conference


Saturday Session III Workshops 1:30 - 2:45pm

PG&E Teen Writing Program: The Basics of the Mystery Novel

From the Hardy Boys to Jack Reacher, Miss Marple to V.I. Warshawski, mystery and crime novels have elements in common: plotting, pacing and developing characters. Based on examples interactively discussed, learn to read and write the genre fully understanding and implementing its components

INSTRUCTOR: Gary Phillips

ROOM: 6301

# WCSTE2.314

Getting Started: A Writer's Guide to Persistent Productivity

It's a game changer! Incorporate practical steps for overcoming common challenges that cut into a writer's productivity. Increase your confidence and efficiency by taming time, handling rejection, building strong boundaries around writing, and practicing the best way to pitch yourself and works.

INSTRUCTOR: Jordan Rosenfeld

ROOM: 6303

# WCRC31.314

Children's, Teen & YA: How to Succeed in the Children's Book Industry

You might have the next blockbuster, but do you have the attitude and attributes that agents and editors look for when choosing the authors and illustrators with whom they work? Learn to make the most of your conference experiences cementing connections that could lead to a successful book deal.

INSTRUCTOR: Karen Grencik

ROOM: 6306

# WCRC32.314

Poetry: Poems of Social Justice

What makes a poem of outrage sing? How do we write poetic frustration and anger that inspires? Citing Jack Foley, Amos Oz, Mary Mackey, and Kirk Lumpkin, learn to craft poems of outrage, complaint and complicity. You'll agitate editors and audiences with surprising lyrics and memorable poems.

INSTRUCTOR: Joan Gelfand

ROOM: 6307

# WCRC33.314

Craft: Are you ready to talk to an editor?

My best friends want to read my story so do I really need a professional editor? How do I prep my work before turning it over to an editor? What common mistakes should I avoid before I release my work? How do I find the right editor? Can I change if it is the wrong editor? CCWC editors have the answers.

INSTRUCTOR: Bonnie Britt and Susan Tuttle

ROOM: 6302

# WCRC34.314

Fiction: World Building

When authors set about to create a series, they have to build an entire world, an endeavor that goes far beyond plot to include a plausible, coherent history for characters, setting, and events. Step by step learn to design "architectural plans" to build your fictional world, but spoiler alert! Along the way discover when to follow the rules, and when you could break them.


ROOM: 6304

# WCRC35.314

Nonfiction: Build Your Travel Writing Marketplace by Podcasting Your Journeys

When researching articles and books, interviews are typically gathered via audio recording of your subject and visual shots of the area and cultural activities. But why not repurpose the audio and video to further promote the project? Learn the basics of podcasting/field recording techniques, and producing video YouTube/Mpeg4 shows to maximize your social media marketing.

INSTRUCTOR: Thomas C. Wilmer

ROOM: 6305

# WCRC36.314

Publishing: Agent Secrets: What Agents Really Want From an Unpublished Writer

How do you get an agent? What can agents do for an author's career? Do you need an agent in today's world of self-publishing and social media? Explore and question this agent's wide-angle look at the so-called gatekeepers to publishing fame and fortune.


ROOM: 5401

# WCRC37.314