Central Coast Writers' Conference

Judy Salamacha

A Message & Wish

from Judy Salamacha,

CCWC Director


I’ve been asked how I was able to entice Anne Perry to come to the Central Coast Writers Conference. It wasn’t me! This back story began to plot six years ago when I attended my first CCWC as a local journalist and wannabe novelist. My first workshop was with Victoria Zackheim. She broadened my perspective to consider other genres and today due to her encouragement, a heartfelt critique by editor, Jordan Rosenfeld, and four years of writing, re-writing and a lot of luck, Colonel Baker’s Field, the biography my team and I created is in libraries, book stores, readers’ book shelves and scheduled for a 2nd edition printing. I have applied everything I have learned at CCWC to make my dream come true. My wish for you is to find a mentor as I have with Victoria Zackheim and a writing friend as she has with Anne Perry. Victoria is the reason Anne Perry is keynoting our 30th anniversary celebration. She has also invited us to witness a sneak peak at the performance of Women’s Voices that she and Anne, Mara Purl and Barbara Abercrombie will take on the road to Great Britain in 2015. Anne’s message is "Put Your Heart on the Page." In five years as director of this conference, I have discovered writers have heart for the words we write for posterity and a commitment to encourage and share talents to inspire others to write that poem, short story, novel, memoir or a nonfiction topic. All the tools are at CCWC to inspire. It is up to you to transfer your "heart" to the published page and embrace the insights offered by life coach, Don Maruska, to "take charge and become the hero of your talent story." 

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