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Playwriting for Beginners

Do you love it when the lights go down and you hear the muffled movements of actors taking their places on stage? Do you sense the anticipation of those first lines and the excitement of a story about to unfold? If so, you're not alone! Before television, cinema and YouTube, we had live theater. From the time of the ancient Greeks, and probably long before, we've shared our creative ideas, our stories, in front of an audience.

And it is an unparalleled experience to see and feel what it's like to have your own story acted right in front of your eyes!

If you want to reach an audience, make them think, cry, laugh or all of the above, let me teach you how. For beginners or those who want to hone their craft in a supportive environment, we will:

- learn the form
- learn about character, setting and plot
- learn the essential elements (conflict, dramatic action, Passover question, etc.)
- read and discuss the works of others
- and most importantly . . .
           practice the craft of playwriting and write one or more short plays

Register Online - CANCELLED

DATES:6 Wed: Aug 27 - Oct 1, 2014; 6:00-8:30pm

FEE: $90

# WR0704.314

LOCATION: San Luis Obispo Campus Room 4720

INSTRUCTOR: Kita Mehaffy

QUESTIONS: Contact instructor at ericamehaffy@gmail.com or (805) 305-6056