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Import Export as a Small Business (in class version)

Learn how to import/export in this one-day seminar highly rated by students for content, pace and humor.  You will be guided through selecting products, finding customers, working with governments, licensing, bankers, brokers, carriers, financing, costing, pricing and gaining orders for your products, all from a practicing professional. Recommended text How Small Business Trades Worldwide by Instructor is available at the college bookstore or Free after-course follow-up available via the internet. Travel! Work out of the home to start.
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Spring 2017

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LOCATION: San Luis Obispo Campus Room 3312

FEE: $95

# BF0907.117

RECOMMENDED TEXTBOOK: “How Small Business Trades Worldwide” ISBN: 978-0-9795515-0-5 is available for $25.95 at Amazon. 

DATE: 1 Sat: Feb 25, 2017

TIME: 9:00am - 5:00pm


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