Summer Jazz Workshop


Summer Jazz Workshop

The SLO Summer Jazz Workshop is a 4-day performance course aimed at students from Junior High through College. Each instrument in typical jazz ensembles will be represented by a professional musician fluent in that instrument. Each student will be instructed as to the role his/her instrument plays in a jazz ensemble. Students will also be instructed in the importance of competence on their instrument as well as how to dress and come across on the band stand. Stage presence and team spirit will also be covered as well as how to acquire club dates and how to charge for a performance. In other words students will be taught how to earn money as a musician if that’s what the student so chooses.

This summer’s workshop participants will be divided into two separate groups: “Jazz Master Class” and “Anyone Can Improvise.” The two groups will participate jointly in some exercises, but will have focused time each day for specialized lessons based on their skill level. Please use the information below to help you choose the appropriate group.


AGES: 13+


  • $175 Early Bird Registration (before June 1)
  • $250 Regular Registration (starting June 1, 2017)

LOCATION: San Luis Obispo Campus Room 7160

QUESTIONS: Contact Scott Andrews, or 805-459-6939

Anyone Can Improvise – Register Online coming soon

  • Great for anyone who plays an instrument and has played some jazz
  • Best to have some music reading skills
  • All ages welcome

TIME: 9:30am-2:00pm (30 minute lunch from 12:30-1:00pm)

The Jazz Master Class – Register Online coming soon

  • Can improvise in multiple keys
  • Some prior experience with gigging and reading changes
  • Great for the career minded

TIME: 8:30am-12:30pm