CFK Reading, Writing, and Thinking


Hogwarts, Olympians, and Titans

This class invites students to journey more deeply into Harry's Story--every year since Summer of 2000, students have enjoyed discovering just how much of value J.K. Rowling buried in her series for readers to discover. Geared toward those who have read the Harry Potter series, even non-readers who have seen all the movies (more than once) are able to engage in lively and fascinating conversations about Classical Mythology (Greek AND Roman), Philosophy, Latin root words of importance, etc. Once again this year we shall also be looking at and considering other popular books and series including (but not limited to) Rick Riordan's series and others; As a bonus, literary and cinematic critiquing and literacy are employed in this class.

OFFERED: Session I

FEE: $75 + $5 materials fee

TIME: 10:30-11:20am

LOCATION: Room 3309