College for Kids


College for Kids 2015

Cuesta's College for Kids program provides an enriching opportunity during the summer for students entering the 5th through 9th grades in the fall of 2014. The varied curriculum is designed to meet the needs of younger students who are eager to explore subjects in a fun and educational environment.




SESSION I: June 15 - July 1 (M-Th; no class July 2)

  • Parent/student orientation: June 10 @ 6pm in Room 2401

SESSION II: July 6 - July 22 (M-Th; no class July 23)

  • Parent/student orientation: July 1, 2015 @ 6pm in Room 2401

LOCATION: Cuesta College San Luis Obispo Campus


  • Students must be enrolled in consecutive classes during their time on campus
  • 10 minute break between each class. Additional breaks are not allowed
  • Unsupervised lunch scheduled from 12:20-1:00pm
    • CFK staff member will eat lunch in cafeteria each day and students are encouraged to join 


  • Students should become acquainted with the Cuesta College Campus before their classes begin. Please visit the campus to locate your student’s classrooms, parking areas, the Community Programs Office, and the cafeteria.
  • For a student’s first scheduled class, parents should plan to bring students no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the start of class. Please pick up students no later than 5 minutes after the end of their last class. In the event of an emergency or if you will be delayed, please have a designated pick-up location arranged with your student.
  • Your student IS NOT supervised on campus between classes. Cuesta College is an open campus, meaning that anyone is welcome.
  • Instructors are responsible for supervising the students during class. Students are expected to behave in a non-disruptive manner during and after class. At all times students should remember that they are guests on a college campus.
  • There may be times when your student will be absent. College for Kids staff would appreciate your taking the time to let us know. Please call 546-3132.
  • Please leave bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters, and any other human powered mechanical transportation devices at home as they are not allowed on campus.
  • Only registered students are allowed in the classes. Students must change registration to switch classes.
  • Cell Phones MUST be turned OFF during class.
  • Students must wear shoes - barefoot students will be sent home.
  • Students are responsible for their own belongings.
  • Consider sending your student with a backpack and a water bottle.
  • Students who are severely allergic to bee stings should carry a bee sting kit.
  • Health problems occurring during College for Kids should be reported immediately to the Community Programs Office. Parents will be contacted and therefore it is essential that we have your current daytime and emergency telephone numbers.
  • Emergency First Aid will be given and, if necessary, transportation via ambulance to the nearest hospital will be made.  Cuesta Public Safety is located in Building 6600 near Parking Lot 3 and can be reached by calling 546-3205.
  • The campus Lost and Found Department is located in the Community Programs Office in Building 4700 during the summer.  Anything left after July 31 will be then taken to Cuesta Public Safety.