CFK Cooking and Nutrition


Slammin' Sammies

This class will introduce a variety of cooking skills to the students, while we create amazing and innovative sandwiches. The students will learn new kitchen skills, such as the art of canning and preserving. We will spend two days each week creating a relish, preserve, or jelly. The other two days will be spent using those delicious spreads on our sandwiches. Some examples of the Slammin’ Sammies we will create are: The Taj Majal, a grilled chicken breast, smothered in home-made chutney; and the Cubano, made with roasted pork loin, and home-made pickles. If time permits, the students will also learn how to create fresh bread (baguettes, ciabatta, and focaccia), which we will use for our Slammin’ Sammies.

OFFERED: Session I and II

FEE: $150 + $35 materials fee

TIME: 1:00-2:50pm

LOCATION: Room 4720

INSTRUCTOR: Dena Vertrees