Aqua Fitness



In the warm pool participants are led through a series of exercises designed to increase range of motion and flexibility. Moderate aerobic exercises are added to our Higher Intensity (H.I.) class to increase cardiovascular fitness. A great class for adults of any age, including people recovering from injuries and/or arthritic conditions who are capable of participating in a fitness program without assistance.

AGES: 18+

**ATTENTION**: Cuesta College’s small therapy pool is currently closed due to emergency safety repairs to the pool lining. The pool will be closed indefinitely and repairs are currently underway. As a result, all classes in the therapy pool have been cancelled for summer. All classes in the shallow end of the deep pool will be continued and therapy pool patrons may continue their classes in the large pool. Please call (805) 546-3132 with questions.

Summer 2015

Jun 1-Aug 5 (M,W)

$92 Warm Pool Users - CANCELLED

AF0700.215          7:00am                  Aquakinetics, Higher Intensity              Holley

AF0800.215          8:00am                  Aquakinetics                                        Holley

AF0900. 215         9:00am                  Aquakinetics                                        Curr

AF0100.215         10:00am                 Aquakinetics                                        Curr

Jun 2-Aug 6 (T,TH)

No Class Jul 2

$88 Warm Pool Users - CANCELLED

AF70T.215             7:00am                 Aquakinetics, Higher Intensity              Goughnour

AF80T.215             8:00am                 Aquakinetics                                        Goughnour

Jun 2-Aug 6 (T,TH)

No Class Jul 2

$88   Shallow End of Large Pool Users

AF70TS.215         7:00am                   Aquakinetics, Higher Intensity               Goughnour

AF80TS.215         8:00am                   Aquakinetics                                         Goughnour