SLOCCCD Data Handbook   (SLOCCCD Incoming, Enrolled, Graduate Data Student Profile and Achievement Charts)


Cuesta College Standards of Achievement


Student Achievement Dashboards

Scorecard Completion Dashboard

Scorecard Remedial Progression Dashboard

CTE/CDCP Completion Dashboard


Success Rates 2008/2009 through 2012/2013

Fall:            Overall     Distance     North     Slo     South
Spring:       Overall     Distance     North     Slo     South
Summer:    Overall     Distance     North     Slo  

Enrollment  2009 through 2013 

Fall:           Overall
Spring:      Overall
Summer:   Overall

Transfer Volume 

Transfer Volume Overall
UC/CSU: 2005/06-2012/13
Cal Poly: 2007-2013
In-State Private & Out-of-State: 2004/5     2005/6     2006/7     2007/8     2008/9     2009/10


Transfer Rates

Transfer Rates Overall 



Completion Predict 




Majors 2008-2013 



Degree & Certificate Volume 2007/2008 through 2011/2012 

Volume Overall
Volume by Top Code
Volume by Program Title 



Degree & Certificate Rates 

Certificate Rates Overall
Degree Rates Overall



Persistence Rates

Persistence Rates Overall