October 3, 2014 

Dear Colleagues,

We wanted to express our sincere thanks to everyone for all your work and efforts up to and through the Accreditation Site Visit this week.

We know it seems like it has been nothing but accreditation since as long as anyone can remember, and in many ways it has, but thanks to all of you, we have come a long way as an institution and the positive feedback we received this week from the visiting team is testimony to all of you and your outstanding work and efforts.

We promise that we will not say anything more about accreditation, except to continue to follow our processes, until February when we get the official report from ACCJC about the outcome of the visit.

Thanks again. We could not have done this alone. We greatly appreciate what you have all done for the college, your colleagues, and students.

Lastly, the winners of the $10 gift card are:

  • Marie Larsen
  • Jeannie Leleaux
  • Bill Demarest
  • Monica Mercer
  • Angie Lau

You can stop by and pick up your gift card from Kasey DeBernardi in the Office of Academic Affairs. 

Go Cuesta!

Deb and Kevin

 Real Eye Zing Our past En Vision ing Our Future

Deborah Wulff
Vice President Academic Affairs
Cuesta College 
805 546-3122


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