Honor students name top teachers

Alpha Gamma Sigma, Cuesta College’s academic society and service organization, honored 10 veteran instructors, for going above and beyond expectations and influencing students’ academic success at the second annual Teacher Appreciation Night on Dec. 3.

“It isn’t every day that we get to hear back from students,” said math instructor Robert Schwennicke as he thanked the Gamma Gamma chapter for the honor. “We put in a lot of work and we don’t always hear positive feedback,” said the 16-year Cuesta vet, who lives in Cayucos.

Student Alex Hedbany made it clear held in the Associated Students Auditorium that instructor efforts don’t go unnoticed.

“If a student does not understand a certain problem, (Schwennicke) can always come up with a unique approach to that problem with a level of patience that often approaches infinity,” the AGS historian added.

Other honorees, who have taught at the college up to 25 years, were: Anthony Koeninger, history (12 years), and Peggy Wright, math, both of Atascadero; Kathryn Zipperian, English (17 years), of Avila Beach; Petra Clayton, German (25 years), John Fetcho, math (25 years), Roland Finger, English (two years), and Jim West, English (16 years), all of Los Osos; and Carolyn Weyel, student life and leadership (12 years), and Silvio Favoreto, biology (three years), both of San Luis Obispo.

Clayton spoke for many of the honorees after the event.

“I feel appreciated and understood,” she said. “Teachers do not always hear back from students on how we affect them, but we are out there every day trying to make our teaching relevant beyond the academic setting.

“The best reward for an educator is when a student ‘gets it’ and I must say, that my student ‘got me’ and what I am all about.,” she said.


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